Experiences - Sustainability - Wellness and Relaxation

To live experiences to remember over time, the Casa dei fiori organizes:

• boat trips
• excursions with the official guides of the Park
• trekking with authorized guides
• courses with the best diving on the island

The collection of capers: unique and particular experience.

If you want to have a unique and particular experience, you can participate in the caper harvest in our company which takes place, from May to September, in the early morning hours.

Half of the product you collect is yours and you can use it for your cooking or, when you return from your vacation, take it as a souvenir to your family and friends.

The caper plant is a small tree which, from spring to autumn, produces capers along its branches which can even reach two meters in length. For this reason, in caper groves, land where capers are grown, the plants are arranged at a certain distance from each other. From May to September the caper buds are harvested and when suitably treated with sea salt they arrive on our tables.

Both the Italian Ministry of Food Resources with decree of 2 December 1993, and the European Union with Reg. CE N.1107/96, have recognized the superior quality of the Pantelleria caper with the I.G.P.

Engaged in sustainability at Casa dei fiori we carry out:

• separate waste collection also involving guests to observe it by placing collection containers at their disposal
• no plastic crockery or disposable plastic is used
• the parsimony of water is recommended, which is precious on the island also because there are no springs, rivers or waterfalls
• we use the organic products of our farm in respect of nature and seasonality
• energy-saving LED bulbs are used
• guests are invited to turn off the air conditioning and the lights when they are not in the dammuso
• solar panels are used for water heating

Pantelleria is an island full of charm and mystery with all the strength and magic of the volcano that makes it an open-air spa that can be used freely all year round.

For well-being and relaxation, the Casa dei fiori invites its guests to visit the most suggestive spas which are:

• Cala Gadir (hot springs)
• The Specchio di Venere lake (hot springs and mud)
• Benikulà cave (natural sauna)
• Le Favare (shower heads of water vapor that can even reach a temperature of 100°)

The Casa dei fiori offers its guests:

• the map of the Park's trails (21 trails - about 100 km)
• the list of initiatives and events of the Park

Beautiful dammusi and apartments in Pantelleria

Location of the Resort La casa dei fiori and map

You will breathe the atmosphere of home and you will be immersed in the luxuriant nature of Pantelleria

Composed of 4 independent dammusi, inserted in a charming and vast garden with swimming pool overlooking the sea, the Resort La casa dei fiori of Pantelleria is the ideal place for your holidays on the island of Pantelleria.